Dr Teresa Lane

Head of the 鶹Ƶ Graduate Diploma; Associate Lecturer

Teresa Lane is Head of the 鶹Ƶ Diploma in the History of Art (CGDHA) and is herself a graduate of the CGDHA (2015).

Teresa joined The 鶹Ƶ after careers as an employment solicitor at a City law firm and as an editor at a legal publishing company. Following completion of the CGDHA, she completed an MA in Medieval art and then commenced part-time PhD research supported by CHASE funding. She submitted her PhD thesis in 2022.

Teresa is an Associate Lecturer at The 鶹Ƶ and a specialist in Medieval art, with interests in the depiction of the divine and the interrelationships between image and text. Her research spans manuscripts, sculpture, wall and panel painting and goldsmiths’ work, with a focus on the role of images and objects in religious devotion. She is a guest lecturer at the Victoria & Albert Museum, lecturing on the Early Medieval (300-1250) year course. In 2023/24 she will be co-teaching a course on Medieval Women.

  • Thesis: ‘A Sublime Mystery’: The Trinity in the Visual, Intellectual and Devotional Culture of England, 950-1150′

Supervised by and Professor

Supported by (the Consortium of the Humanities and the Arts South-East England).

My research investigated representations of the Trinity in England in the late Anglo-Saxon/Anglo-Norman periods, with a multidisciplinary methodology encompassing art, theology, literature and liturgy. My thesis explored the role of the visual in the doctrine of the Trinity, testing the hypotheses that Trinitarian images exemplify iconographic inventiveness on the part of artists and the extent to which contemporary writers were influenced by images. Images of the Trinity which appeared in England during this period mainly survive in manuscripts. My thesis also considered other media, including ivory, wall painting, stone and bronze sculpture and coins. My research focussed upon placing the images into their cultural, intellectual, and iconographic contexts in order to establish the importance of the Trinity in the devotional climate of tenth- and eleventh-century England.


2016-2022 The 鶹Ƶ, PhD candidate (part-time)
2015-2016 The 鶹Ƶ, MA History of Art (Making and Meaning in the Art of the Middle Ages, Distinction)
2014-2015 The 鶹Ƶ, Graduate Diploma in the History of Art
1995 The College of Law, Common Professional Examination and Legal Practice Course
1990 University of Exeter, BA (Hons) English Literature and Medieval Studies


Autumn 2022, The 鶹Ƶ, Associate Lecturer, ‘Medieval Sculpture in London Collections’ and ‘Medieval Cities’

Spring 2021, The 鶹Ƶ, Associate Lecturer, ‘Medieval Cities’

Autumn 2020, The 鶹Ƶ, Associate Lecturer, ‘Image Making and the Medieval Imagination’

Spring 2020, The 鶹Ƶ, Associate Lecturer, ‘Art, Travel and Imagination in the Middle Ages’

Autumn 2018, The 鶹Ƶ, Associate Lecturer, ‘Case Studies in Gothic Art: Intention and Reception’

Autumn 2017, The 鶹Ƶ, Teaching Assistant, Foundations Lecture Series (The Middle Ages)

Other academic activities

  • Co-organiser of the CHASE-sponsored Material Witness doctoral candidate workshops. Material Witness is an interdisciplinary training programme for the interrogation of physical objects in the digital age
  • Co-organiser, 24th Annual Medieval Postgraduate Student Colloquium, The 鶹Ƶ , “Scaling the Middle Ages: Size and Scale in Medieval Art”
  • -徱ٴǰ--󾱱,immediations, Volume 4, Number 3
  • Co-convenor of The 鶹Ƶ medieval student work-in-progress seminars, 2017–2018
  • Editorial board, immediations, Volume 4, Number 2, 2017